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Oral Health

Oral systemic health is the connection between oral health and overall health.



Invisalign is a straightening dental treatment that consists of a series of clear, plastic align.

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Restoring Implants

Implant restorations in the anterior maxillary region present one of the most difficult.

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Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy includes both surgical and non-surgical techniques to restore health.

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Dentistry is a rapidly evolving field in the realm of healthcare. Despite the long-standing separation of dental care from medical care in both practice and in our community mentality – health and wellness cannot truly be divided within one living body. The team at West Suburban Oral Health Care strives to sharpen the focus on oral-systemic health, in addition to providing a wide range of treatments for essential dental health care.

Beginning in the end of the 20th Century, research has appeared documenting associations and co-occurrences between periodontal disease and several medical conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, respiratory disease, and cognitive decline. While more studies are needed to confirm any suspected causal relationships, these initial observations are bringing us back to a healthcare mindset that values the general health and well-being of an individual. Despite our advances in ever more specific medical specialities and treatments, we cannot routinely isolate one part of the body from another when it comes to overall health, and healthcare professionals are beginning to take notice. This emerging research reinforces that “health” involves an alliance of disciplines to support a person with varied medical and dental needs.

At West Suburban Oral Health Care, we operate with an appreciation for the individual seeking our care – whether it is a routine cleaning, a simple filling, or a long-term reconstructive treatment plan with many stages. We understand that our patients come to us with unique health histories and wellness goals, and we want to be a part of that journey. Maintaining oral health is important for eating, speaking, socializing, reducing inflammation, and minimizing pain or infection, or both. High caliber and thorough dental treatment is the contribution that we make to your oral health, overall health, and quality of life.

Our dentists’ focus on individualized wellness planning and oral-systemic health are complementary. For instance, advanced diagnostic services provide highly detailed insights into the state of each patient’s mouth. We can then take this uber-personalized information and apply it toward the development of a tailored treatment plan. Since these plans are built around your one-of-a-kind needs, they can effectively resolve symptoms or conditions. This partnering approach also empowers patients to make the most informed choices about their care.

Continuing education events, the meeting of minds with other healthcare professionals, staying up to date with technology, and adapting new treatment options and concepts.

We’ve provided a glimpse into some of the distinctive ways that we both diagnose conditions and treat them:

  • Non-invasive salivary testing may be used to pinpoint the amounts of bacteria present in your mouth and the types. That is important; a handful of these harmful germs are associated with developing advanced or aggressive forms of gum disease. A nod to our oral-systemic principles, some pathogens present in the oral cavity have also been linked to the development of atherosclerosis, which can lead to heart disease and heart failure. With an understanding of a patient’s bacterial risk factors, we can promptly and proactively provide targeted care. The targeted treatment effectively minimizes the risks of developing severe oral and systemic conditions.
  • Digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, laser cavity detection, and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) also support early, precise detection of conditions ranging from enamel erosion and tooth decay to gum inflammation and disease, pre-cancers, and oral cancerous lesions. The earlier we can intervene with conditions, the more natural and healthy tissue we can preserve. Such conservative dentistry facilitates the most natural function and appearance and the most gentle and comfortable experience.
  • Our preventive approach and services, not limited to routine professional cleanings and exams, protect the teeth and gums and minimize the need for restorative treatment. Should we need to resolve decay or other damage to teeth, patients have peace of mind that our fillings and crowns are made from high-quality, safe materials and are designed to last.
  • Oral appliance therapy can be used to protect the teeth from damage caused by teeth-grinding and sports-related injuries, improve snoring and sleep apnea symptoms, and ease the stress on the jaw joints to relieve TMJ pain. We also take a multi-faceted approach to treating conditions such as TMJ dysfunction; for instance, orthodontic treatment with cosmetic, removable systems like Invisalign® can address imbalances that stress the joints and lead to TMJD pain, stiffness, and other debilitating problems.

We also understand that smile aesthetics are powerful. Your teeth and gums are a central feature of your face. So, when you are unhappy about the appearance of your smile, it can affect how you feel about how you look in general. When patients resolve cosmetic imperfections with professional services like teeth whitening, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers, they walk a little taller.

Our range of dental services can transform your self-confidence and how the “rest of you” feels while also changing your teeth and gums. Call 630-393-3045 to schedule your appointment at our practice in Naperville or to “virtually” meet via our telehealth platform.

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