Perfect your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Consider for a moment those celebrities or notables with great smiles. Chances are, those smiles have been created by skilled dentists like our professionals at West Suburban Oral Health Care in Naperville, Illinois, Drs Susan Mazzei, Kelsey Esposito, and Kim Spielman. The “magic” behind their impossibly “perfect” smiles is often in the veneers! Yes, porcelain veneers are often the choice to fix many cosmetic imperfections. These irregularities include:

  • Chips
  • Small cracks
  • Stubborn discoloration
  • Deep stains that do not respond well to teeth whitening
  • Minor gaps
  • Uneven spaces between teeth
  • Wear and tear, which presents as overly short teeth
  • Problems with the shape that detracts from attractive proportion and uniformity in the smile

Why are porcelain veneers so coveted?

Dental ceramics, such as porcelain, are renowned for their ability to mimic the natural tooth enamel’s unique details and properties. In addition to its unbelievably natural appearance, porcelain is not brittle; it is very strong. Many patients feel porcelain veneers are an excellent investment in their smile, confidence, and wellbeing because the material holds up so well.

Now, with that being said, the veneers process is very technique-specific. The results you get from veneers, and your overall satisfaction with the process depend on the skill of the person designing, fabricating, and placing them. At West Suburban Oral Health Care, we are experienced in smile design. We also use advanced technologies to aid in treatment planning. In doing so, the veneers placed on the front surfaces of your prepared teeth look and feel natural. They do not jut out or protrude, nor do they look “plastic” overly large for your face and smile, or “too perfect,” often too white. Some of these features may translate well on the big or small screen. But, in real life, these characteristics can look fake.

Our dentists also work closely with patients through every step of the process and following treatment to assure their ultimate, ongoing satisfaction. For instance, to get the most out of your veneers and prevent damage, we may recommend customizing oral appliances or nightguards to protect your veneers from chips and fractures as the result of chronic teeth-grinding during sleep. Porcelain veneers are stain-resistant, but they are still vulnerable to fractures from habits such as chewing fingernails or ice. The natural tooth underneath the veneer is also susceptible to decay. So, it is essential to maintain excellent oral hygiene at home and maintain professional cleanings at our practice.

Alternatives to porcelain (indirect) veneers include direct composite resin veneers or dental bonding. The latter option is more affordable upfront, but resins stain and are not as lifelike and robust as porcelain veneers. We encourage you to weigh your options. Please call 630-393-3045 to schedule an appointment with one of our talented dentists, Drs Mazzei, Esposito, or Spielman.