Gentle Teeth Extractions Performed at West Suburban Oral Health Care

There are times when patients in the Naperville, Illinois, area may need to have a tooth removed. Our West Suburban Oral Health Care team can offer patients both simple and surgical extractions of the teeth with Drs. Susan Mazzei, and Kelsey Esposito.

Why might I need a tooth extracted?

A tooth can be removed due to injuries, severe damage from cavities, recent root canal therapy, or an impacted tooth. Emergency tooth extractions often occur if a patient is in extreme pain and discomfort, while broken tooth extraction or wisdom tooth removal may be scheduled in advance.

What is simple extraction, and how does it work?

Simple extractions of the teeth are easy and fast on patients. Local anesthesia will be given to numb your gums for this procedure. Our dentist will gently remove the damaged or diseased tooth from the socket in your jaw using forceps. If necessary, we may need surgical tools such as a dental elevator or chisel, but we do everything possible using gentle techniques that minimize discomfort. Our goal is to get you out of pain and back on your feet quickly! Simple extractions can take about 10-15 minutes for your appointment.

What is surgical extraction, and how does it work?

A more complex type of tooth removal is known as surgical extraction of the teeth. Dentists must be extremely careful during these procedures because using surgical tools to remove an impacted or unerupted tooth can result in damage or fractures to adjacent healthy teeth and roots. Our dentist will use x-rays and other diagnostic tests to assess any risk involved with performing a surgical tooth extraction. If we determine that this approach is necessary, we’ll discuss all available options with you before proceeding with care on your teeth.

Which type of extraction do I need?

Working with our West Suburban Oral Health Care team is the first step in learning more about your treatment options. Whenever possible, we will help patients maintain their natural teeth. Call 630-393-3045 to request an appointment with one of our providers to determine the next steps in your oral healthcare journey.

Dr. Susan Mazzei, West Suburban Oral Health Care

Dr. Susan Mazzei is committed to delivering compassionate and effective care to patients of all ages and backgrounds in Naperville, Illinois. She is a highly skilled dentist who earned her Certification in Prosthodontics after graduating from Northwestern University Dental School.

After finishing her studies, she enrolled in the Northwestern University Dental School faculty as a full-time Clinical Assistant Professor. Dr. Mazzei believes that optimal dental health begins with education and preventative care and educates patients at West Suburban Oral Healthcare on how to take more control of their oral health, which promotes optimal systemic health.

Dr. Mazzei is dedicated to upgrading her education and being up to date on the newest breakthroughs in oral health and dentistry, ensuring that her patients receive the finest care possible.

Dr. Kelsey Esposito, West Suburban Oral Health Care

Dr. Kelsey Esposito joined West Suburban Oral Health Care as an Associate General Dentist in 2017 after meeting Dr. Mazzei, with whom she shared a belief in providing comprehensive, personalized dental care.

She holds a BA in Economics and Fine Art from Kalamazoo College and a Premedicine Post-Baccalaureate Certificate from Northwestern University. Before entering dentistry, she worked in healthcare advertising and communications for a large ad company and a small non-profit cancer research organization. She earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine from The University of Illinois, Chicago.

Dr. Esposito is a member of several leading professional associations, like the American Dental Association and Academy of General Dentistry. Paying attention to detail and offering quality care that makes patients satisfied with their oral health and smiles are her goals.