Brighten the smile and address discolored, yellow teeth with professional teeth whitening

Whitening the smile is a common request from the patients who visit our team at West Suburban Oral Health Care. Professional bleaching of the teeth can provide better results than anything available over the counter, brightening the smile and helping patients feel more confident in their appearance. Drs. Susan Mazzei, and Kelsey Esposito are committed to assisting individuals in improving their smiles with professional services, including in-office bleaching and teeth whitening at home.

How does professional whitening work?

Teeth whitening, performed at our practice, requires an LED/UV light to activate hydrogen peroxide in gel form. The concentration used may differ based on the patient’s needs and can be adjusted over time. It is essential for patients to understand that teeth are made several shades lighter than their original color due to years of staining through smoking, drinking coffee, tea, soda, and other substances. That means that if they were several shades darker than your natural tooth color before bleaching begins, it would still not match your original tooth color exactly after treatment.

Are there any alternatives?

Absolutely! We also offer Naperville patients an alternative with easy teeth whitening at home. That includes a customized whitening tray and the use of a professional-strength gel to wear each day to brighten teeth over several weeks gradually. The at-home version provides the same results as our in-office treatment, just in a slower format. This whitening version is less expensive, and you can use it in conjunction with our in-house whitening to continue to brighten the teeth afterward and maintain the results achieved.

Why should I choose professional teeth whitening?

While you may have noticed many whitening products available in your local drugstore oral care aisle, most of these are made at a lesser concentration than the ingredients used in our professional-strength products and services. Many patients are unhappy with their results, which leads them to our practice to ask about alternative ways to brighten the smile.

How do I learn more about professional teeth whitening?

If you want to convert your yellow teeth to white teeth, contact the West Suburban Oral Health Care team in Naperville, IL. We are located at 380 West Diehl Road and can be reached by phone at 630-393-3045.

Dr. Susan Mazzei, West Suburban Oral Health Care

Dr. Susan Mazzei is committed to delivering compassionate and effective care to patients of all ages and backgrounds in Naperville, Illinois. She is a highly skilled dentist who earned her Certification in Prosthodontics after graduating from Northwestern University Dental School.

After finishing her studies, she enrolled in the Northwestern University Dental School faculty as a full-time Clinical Assistant Professor. Dr. Mazzei believes that optimal dental health begins with education and preventative care and educates patients at West Suburban Oral Healthcare on how to take more control of their oral health, which promotes optimal systemic health.

Dr. Mazzei is dedicated to upgrading her education and being up to date on the newest breakthroughs in oral health and dentistry, ensuring that her patients receive the finest care possible.