We protect healthy smiles, overall health with painless, safe, and fast root canal treatment

Yes, at West Suburban Oral Health Care in Naperville, Illinois, we are skilled in oral health. However, our dentists, Drs Susan Mazzei, and Kelsey Esposito, are also proficient in that critical interplay between the health of the mouth (oral cavity) and the rest of you (your “system” or “systemic health”). This vital connection is demonstrated with severe or deep infections that require root canal treatment.

Root canal therapy (RCT), explained

Root canal treatment is a type of endodontic therapy. Endodontic procedures refer to those therapies that treat the inside (“endo”) of the tooth (“odont”). Dental decay is a progressive condition. In its earliest stages, it erodes the tooth enamel and produces holes or pits (cavities). Later on, decay threatens the innermost pulp chamber or tissue. The pulp chamber houses nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. Due to the presence of nerves, the tooth may ache persistently and severely at this stage. Treatment to remove diseased tissue and disinfect the area resolves pain. It also prevents a range of oral health and systemic complications, including losing the tooth and potentially deadly systemic infections.

Remember: Infections of the oral cavity do not stay put. Without treatment, they can travel to other parts of the face, producing characteristic facial swelling. These infections can also travel to other organs and parts of the body via the bloodstream. So, contrary to what you may have heard, root canal therapy is:

  • Painless – In fact, it actually resolves pain produced by severe infections!
  • Safe – Prevents systemic infections and other complications that threaten your overall health.
  • Conservative – Preserves the best tooth: your natural one!
  • Affordable – Avoids the need for costly tooth replacement procedures.
  • Support lasting health – Nonsurgical treatment has a high rate of success. It prevents the risks associated with missing teeth, notably destructive bone loss that alters facial features and interferes with proper chewing, speech, and other functions.

RCT is also fast. The process itself can be completed in just one visit. After damaged tissue has been removed, the root canals that help hold the tooth in place are sterilized and reshaped. Then, the treated canals are sealed off with a specialized material. The final stage in the process is typically the addition of a dental crown, which restores the natural crown or white, visible part of the tooth. Many teeth are excellent candidates for RCT; however, those with challenging anatomical features or other complexities may be candidates for surgical endodontic procedures.

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Dr. Susan Mazzei, West Suburban Oral Health Care

Dr. Susan Mazzei is committed to delivering compassionate and effective care to patients of all ages and backgrounds in Naperville, Illinois. She is a highly skilled dentist who earned her Certification in Prosthodontics after graduating from Northwestern University Dental School.

After finishing her studies, she enrolled in the Northwestern University Dental School faculty as a full-time Clinical Assistant Professor. Dr. Mazzei believes that optimal dental health begins with education and preventative care and educates patients at West Suburban Oral Healthcare on how to take more control of their oral health, which promotes optimal systemic health.

Dr. Mazzei is dedicated to upgrading her education and being up to date on the newest breakthroughs in oral health and dentistry, ensuring that her patients receive the finest care possible.